It is official. I am taking the plunge and attempting my first Half-Ironman, May 13, 2017 in Santa Rosa.

1.2 Mile Swim.

56 Mile Bike.

13.1 Mile Run.

Nervous? Yes. Fear? Just for my legs which are going to have to churn out wattage for a few hours. After finishing my first olympic distance triathlon last September, it is time for me to tackle one of my life goals, with or without a stomach, to complete a 70.3 race. Lord, hear my prayers.

Let’s do this.




3 thoughts on “New Horizons – Ironman 70.3

    1. You totally should Marne! I was sort of freaking out about it then I thought the worst that could happen is that I don’t finish, but at least I’ll know my limit. P.S. you should give me your run schedule for a half marathon. That’s probably the piece that I’m most nervous about.

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