New Horizons – Ironman 70.3

It is official. I am taking the plunge and attempting my first Half-Ironman, May 13, 2017 in Santa Rosa. 1.2 Mile Swim. 56 Mile Bike. 13.1 Mile Run. Nervous? Yes. Fear? Just for my legs which are going to have to churn out wattage for a few hours. After finishing my first olympic distance triathlon last September, … Continue reading New Horizons – Ironman 70.3


365+1 Days – Happy Gastrectoversary!

"You will overcome difficult times" was neatly contained within the confines of the fortune cookie I ate a couple a days ago. Timely considering the fact it has officially been a year since I said, "farewell" to my stomach. For those who went to elementary school, there is no need to fight immaturity and tack, … Continue reading 365+1 Days – Happy Gastrectoversary!

Today, I’m wearing Purple

It's official. Today, I'm a cancer survivor. We got the pathology results from my stomach. Now remember, after getting negative results from all pre-screening tests, this is what they found: At least 6 different areas of the stomach that already had cancer growing and a few areas that had pre-cancer cells starting to grow . … Continue reading Today, I’m wearing Purple