Advent: Mockingjays and ICU’s

A few days before Christmas in 1993, my dad passed away of stomach cancer and every Christmas since has not been the same. As a result, I became a Christmas Grinch. My "grinchness" had nothing to do with presents, consumerism, or fighting for the "soul of Christmas". For me, it was purely a deep sense … Continue reading Advent: Mockingjays and ICU’s


An Hour with Karl Barth: Off the Stained Glass Windows

I appreciate old churches, particularly old Catholic churches with stained glassed windows and sacred art. My senior year in college I spent a lot of time at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, first because it's free, second, because it's inspiring. My favorite part of the museum is their massive collection of Byzantium and the … Continue reading An Hour with Karl Barth: Off the Stained Glass Windows

Walking Parables, Pt. 1

Our church spent the past couple days at a retreat center shaping and reworking our values in hopes of discovering our vision and our mission. Given the reality that people need to earn the right to be heard by cultivating genuine relationships and hearing stories, the discussion turned to, "how do we help people tell … Continue reading Walking Parables, Pt. 1

"The Land of the Living"

Eugene Peterson writes, "life is the country that Christians live in, frequently named in the Psalms as 'land of the living.'" Pastoral ministry happens in real life. Pastoral ministry is subject to the highs and the lows of life. In life's splendor and grit, pastoral moments are present in them all. "Pastoral ministry is rooted … Continue reading "The Land of the Living"