24-hour Walgreens and Mic Jagger: Everything Matters to God.

Our Church's children's ministry does something pretty cool. They setup a prayer wall where students can write down their prayers and we as a staff can pray for them. I love what they write: "Dear God, Please help my soccer season to go well this year with no injuries! Jesus name Amen!" "My cat died … Continue reading 24-hour Walgreens and Mic Jagger: Everything Matters to God.


Improv: New Life and Dementors

a short thought from our series this weekend.

Calvary lg Parents

HeistWhat does it mean to live? To have life? To really live? This past Sunday we kicked off a new series called, “Heist” with Jess Betcher.  This whole series revolves around what Jesus says in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Jess talked about this idea that there are things in our lives, which at the moment, may make us feel like we are alive, loved, popular, accepted, happy, but in actuality are robbing us of the life that Jesus has promised to us. At the beginning it can be so innocent, but soon the pursuit of what we think will make us happy becomes an obsession: the chase of a girl, a guy, how we look, grudges, being popular, our bodies, our athletic abilities and aspirations. None of these things are in…

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Coffee with N.T. Wright: Brotherhood and Rivalry

This morning I continued readings through N.T. Wright's Simply Christian with the chapter for this morning on the Bible. I loved the way that he opened up this chapter: It's a big book, full of stories with big characters. They have big ideas (not least about themselves) and big mistakes. It's about God and greed … Continue reading Coffee with N.T. Wright: Brotherhood and Rivalry