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Around this time in October, Kate makes my favorite food in the entire world, pumpkin bread. Kate used to make this when we were in college, and whenever she made pumpkin bread, the smell of sweet vanilla and pumpkin would waft down the hallways, and slowly but surely, guys on my floor would open up their doors saying, “what is that?!?!”

This past Sunday we asked the question, “what does the Gospel smell like to you?” Is it something that is stuffy and bitter? Maybe it has no smell at all. To me, I think the Gospel smells like pumpkin bread: it’s sweet, attractive and causes us to open the doors of our hearts and ask, “what is that?!?!” How we view the Gospel in our own lives is what we choose to live out. I think this is the point that Jesus is trying to make to Simon the…

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The Bookends on a Decade

A couple weeks ago I wrapped up another journal. Finishing a journal is an instinctive punctuation at the end of a season of life and an exercise in introspection. As I filled up the remaining pages of my journal I flipped back and forth to previous entries remembering, in many cases, the exact places and … Continue reading The Bookends on a Decade