It’s official. Today, I’m a cancer survivor.

We got the pathology results from my stomach. Now remember, after getting negative results from all pre-screening tests, this is what they found:

At least 6 different areas of the stomach that already had cancer growing and a few areas that had pre-cancer cells starting to grow . In all there were too many cancer cells to report so they just said, “multifocal intramusal adenocarcinoma”. I literally felt like a ticking time bomb reading the pathology report.

Here’s the even better news: All of the cancer was contained in those areas, none were found in my 18 lymph notes, no cancer present in my esophagus or my small intestines.

So by doing this surgery, as our doctors and pathology results indicate, I’m officially cured of cancer.

Was it all worth it? Absolutely. So today, I’m wearing purple.

20140310-175011.jpgKate and I have a lot to thank God for and the friends who have carried us this far. Farewell stomach, hello to a second stage of life.


13 thoughts on “Today, I’m wearing Purple

  1. Yay no nodes! I am afraid of this but am hoping my outcome is as good as yours. What are pre-cancer cells? I hear people talking about pre-cancer cells and not sure exactly what this means when it comes to diffuse gastric cancer.

    1. Yeah, when our surgeon told us we were going to do this he told us that he removes the full stomach and all 18 of the lymph nodes to make sure they got everything. On top of all the stomach issues, I also have intestinal metoplasia… which basically means where I should have stomach cells in my stomach I have some that resembles the cells from intestines.

  2. Awesome news!! It’s a big surgery and hearing how much cancer was already there, it’s so great to have your decision more than confirmed!

    1. What was funny is that a few people even came up to me and told me that I don’t need to have this surgery and that it could be fixed “homepathic” route. While I’m all for this route, it didn’t quite work out for Steve Jobs. I think we did the right thing, at the right time.

      1. Good thing the stomachless crowd is here to disagree together. 🙂 I had a person say good diet would fix it too. I made sure to mention the pathology report. Keep up the good spirit!!

  3. Steven…come! Grow old with me…the best is yet to be! I love Steven Dang! Sorry I could not be there surgery day. I came down with shingles…still recovering.

  4. Steve, we are so happy to hear that you are doing well and there is no spread of the cancer! We will continue to pray for your recovery and transition into a stomach-less life! Thank you for your Godly attitude during this journey… it’s been an encouragement to my heart.

  5. Steve, thanks so much for this update! I’m glad you had this surgery when you did, and now you can get on with your life! I had the same experience as you and Marne– a few people telling me not to trust ‘modern medicine’ and go the homeopathic route. I’m all for natural remedies, but in some cases, you need to call in the big shots and just get things taken care of. Your pathology report just confirms that you made the right choice! Eat some celebratory ice cream (not very much, and very slowly)!

      1. Rachel– doing really well! Maintaining my weight and back in the gym for regular classes! I have some time carved out tonight to write a new post for the blog, so I’ll keep this short 🙂

  6. A lot of people have been pushing the homeopathic stuff on me as well. I think that your results are a perfect example of why the surgery is the right choice for people in our position, and the earlier the better. (My sister is only 16!) You just never know for sure until they can get in there.

    1. Yea, our doctor told us going into this that 21 out of the last 22 patients had cancer cells already growing after clear CT/PET Endoscopies pre-surgery. He also told me verbatim… “Well you could wait until you have symptoms or we can see it in tests, BUT out of the last 5 patients that did that 3 we’re dead within a year and the other 2 dies within 3 years… So I wouldn’t wait.” This is not something we mess around with homeopathically. I don’t think people understand that this is not likes raging diabetes. Eating more broccoli isn’t going to fix genes. And yes, I think the earlier the better. My sister was 22/23 years old when she died and my dad was 37/38.

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