Resilient Faith

I have not posted my teachings on the main page of my blogpost because I wanted to shape my content around my journey without a stomach, but recently, a couple friends have asked me why I don't share a huge part of what I do on my blog. I have been posting my video teachings … Continue reading Resilient Faith


Symposium on Gastric Cancer and the Beauty of Community

This past week I was invited to go to the City of Hope’s Symposium on Stomach Cancer sponsored by No Stomach for Cancer. It was here that I finally got to meet Heather Huus, Nicole McDonald and Jessica Sasser, Hannah Davis, Wagner Viana and the head hanchos for No Stomach for Cancer. It is safe … Continue reading Symposium on Gastric Cancer and the Beauty of Community

365+1 Days – Happy Gastrectoversary!

"You will overcome difficult times" was neatly contained within the confines of the fortune cookie I ate a couple a days ago. Timely considering the fact it has officially been a year since I said, "farewell" to my stomach. For those who went to elementary school, there is no need to fight immaturity and tack, … Continue reading 365+1 Days – Happy Gastrectoversary!

The Belly of the Whale, Get It?

A few months ago there was a hilarious hashtag on Twitter, #wecanlandaprobeonanasteroidbutwecant... The responses were pretty amazing: "we still can't believe it's not butter", "we can't order breakfast at McDonald's after 10:30am", "we can't type more than 140 characters". It was a reminder that while human beings can do incredible things like land a probe … Continue reading The Belly of the Whale, Get It?