I have not posted my teachings on the main page of my blogpost because I wanted to shape my content around my journey without a stomach, but recently, a couple friends have asked me why I don’t share a huge part of what I do on my blog. I have been posting my video teachings in a different part of my blog, but since many of my teachings contain the role faith has played in my cancer journey, I will try and curate some more teaching content related to my journey here moving forward.

Last weekend, I shared from the book of Daniel, and specifically the incredible story of three teenagers who lost everything, but continued to place their hope and trust in God. In Daniel 3 they make one of the most incredible statements of faith as they hold on to their faith in God in the fiery furnace of life, literally, saying, “but even if he does not” v. 18. We often think that faith in God should mean, “God always…”, but some times, God’s answer is, “no”. In this gap, we surrender what is out of our control, to the God who is. It can be a difficult truth to embrace, but this lesson continues to shape my life and also shapes how I parent my daughters knowing the reality of CDH1/HDGC.

Scroll ahead to 5:00 if you want to skip my personal address to my church.



One thought on “Resilient Faith

  1. I just discovered your blog through no stomach for cancer. I’m a full time freelance musician, a Christian and worship leader in my church. Just watched your video and it’s really helpful. I had a TG 18 months ago, things have been going pretty well but recently I’ve been feeling very tired as I have very low iron levels etc, it’s so nice hearing from people who have been through the same thing and are doing well. Finding your blog has really blessed me!

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