This morning I finally got the call back from Stanford and I am officially scheduled to go into surgery on March 6th.

So here are the numbers to my journey to date:

I’ve ran 46.1 miles (53.9 mi left to go)


Eaten at 26 different restaurants (that I can remember)


Visited 8 unique coffee shops (not including Peet’s and Starbucks)


Tried Dessert from 5 places


And there is still more to go! Over the next couple weeks I’ll be down with our Family Ministries team in Pasadena for the Sticky Faith Cohort and then Kate and I will be on vacation the week before I head into surgery. Time is going by fast, thanks for your prayers!


2 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. Steve– just came across your blog from a link on Life Without a Stomach– So glad others are on here sharing their experiences. I am almost 2 months post-TG and i know that the biggest help for me in figuring out my ‘new normal’ was reading others’ blogs and personal experiences and gaining pointers from that. Your Farewell Stomach Tour puts mine to shame, and I thought I really went all out! Best of luck to you, and I’m looking forward to following along on your story.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! It’s been so crazy to see how small this community of people who have had TG’s really is. Everyone has given me so much encouragement by telling me their stories and giving me solid advice for when this all goes down. The Farewell Stomach Tour has been the best! I figure while I’m recovering I’ll be able to go back and review some of my favorite stops!

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