I started a new project a couple months ago inspired by Buzzfeed’s article on coffee shops you need to visit before you die. So I set off on a motorcycle tour in search of great rides and great coffee. You can follow my YouTube channel here and my Medium Page here.

Episode 1: Panama Red Coffee

Episode 2: Blvd Coffee

Episode 3: Crema Coffee


4 thoughts on “Motorcycles and Coffee

  1. Hi I just found your sight have been looking (not hard enough I guess) on No stomach for cancer but all I could come up with was fund raisers for the organization so I stopped looking until yesterday. I am 66 one month short of 4 years without a stomach- cancer free and my praise also goes to our awesome God. Mine was stage 3.4 with surgery then 3 months of chemo and radiation, of course the journo was so similar to yours that your blog brought me to tears of remembrance- I’v been searching for ways to regain my lost weight and find ways to eat whatever my body will tolerate, with so much a rollercoaster of results, just this month have come to the same conclusion you have “when you feel good- Live life , when you don’t feel good relax it will be ok” and I just keep trusting my faithful loving God. Blessing to you Steve and family I will follow and listen hoping to glean bits of wisdom and ways to navigate this journey without a stomach. Diane

    1. Wow, I’m humbled by your kind words and I salute you for your courage! 4 years is a loooong time to battle the rollercoaster. Stories like yours over the past 4 years gives me so much hope for my own journey. Be blessed my sista! We’re in this together!

  2. You are a true inspiration! I came across your YouTube channel today and the very first video I watched explaining you loosing your stomach to cancer, I related to 90% of it and it just felt good to know I’m not alone and there is hope. Today marks 3 months since loosing mine to cancer and seeing you be able to bike and do normal things again gives me so much faith ! God bless you and your beautiful family and together we will make it threw

    1. WOW! Happy 3 months! There is such good news that there is so much life to live and much to do. Much love to you! Let me know if there is any thing I can do or even pray for! Thanks for sharing your story with us! – Steve

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