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There was a story in the news last week about two high school girls, Meghan Vogel, a junior at West Liberty High and Arden McMath, a sophomore at Arlington High.  Meghan and Arden were both competing in the 3,200-meter race at the Ohio High School Track & Field State Championships.  In the end, Arden and Meghan were the final two runners as the field ahead of them had all crossed the finish line.  With just 20 meters left, Arden McMath’s legs began to give out.  Her knees buckled and she collapsed to the ground. Meghan Vogel could have rushed past her fallen foe, a stranger she’d never met.  No one would have blamed her for doing what she was supposed to do and running hard to the finish line, taking advantage of the opportune moment to save herself from finishing last.  But instead, this happened:

The Vogel home has been…

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