We just spent the last week on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. While it might have an unsavory reputation, it’s become the place for my wife and I to disconnect with the mundane grind of daily life, and reconnect with each other especially as we anticipate the birth of our first child by taking some time to recharge. It’s been a great week snorkeling through lagoons, fresh water lakes, caves, relaxing under a hut by the beach and even conquering my fear of heights by jumping off a cliff (more on this later). This trip has gone by fast, too fast, but I wanted to savor it just one more time, so on our last morning in paradise, I decided to get up with a couple cameras and take some pictures of the sunrise. As I watched the sun begin to break through the predawn darkness, I had a reflective thought: if you get too caught up in the reputation of Cancun as a destination for debauchery, lewdness and gluttony, you might just miss the fact that its also a place for glorious sunrises.


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