the (650)

Almost exactly a year ago I was sitting eating sushi with my friend and co-worker Jeff, when I saw a familiar area code pop-up on my phone. (650). It would be one of many calls I would be receiving from Stanford since last October, but this phone call changed my life. I guess you could … Continue reading the (650)

5 Reflections from the Hospital

I wrote most of this post while I was still laying in a hospital bed taking a bunch of naps in between so please excuse spelling errors and ranting. Hopefully I won't have to go through this again, but here are a few things I learned about my experience if there is ever a "next … Continue reading 5 Reflections from the Hospital

Git’ in mah’ belly!

Over the past week I've begun to mentally and physically prepare for surgery and for life without a stomach. One of the most encouraging things I'm finding are all the people who keep sending me stories, articles and blog posts by others who have undergone this surgery for HGDC. One of the most encouraging articles … Continue reading Git’ in mah’ belly!