If I have learned anything through this whole process, it's that the stomach-less community is tight. Yesterday Kate and I got to meet Marne and her husband Kyle for the first time. A couple of months ago, Marne reached out to us after finding out that her work was sending her to San Francisco for a … Continue reading Facetime


The Best of the Farewell Stomach Tour

I'm in a good mood today because I found out yesterday that my little brother Ray, tested negative for CDH1 which puts him in the clear! Now, we're just waiting on the results for my other little brother, Austin. I think his results should be in soon. With that said... Kate called the rest of … Continue reading The Best of the Farewell Stomach Tour

Donut Man and Unplanned Adventures

A few years ago I was watching the Food Network and they had a special episode on food that reminds you of your childhood. Food is about nostalgia. It's why we think of chicken noodle soup when we are sick and orange soda mustaches when it's summer time. I think it's also why food is … Continue reading Donut Man and Unplanned Adventures