Life on 50g’s

"In many ways, our pain and our way of coping with it define who we are. These experiences shape us and mold us, for better and for worse. They compel us to help others or drive us to numb the pain in whatever way we can." - Mike McHargue In the past two years I've … Continue reading Life on 50g’s


Rejoice, Always. Year Two.

Last Sunday as I was preparing to preach in church, Kate called me before taking the stage to wish me a Happy Gastrectoversary! My second year without a stomach had gone by slipping under the radar of my memory bank which I think captures the normalcy I have found with my new way of life. Things are not what they were, … Continue reading Rejoice, Always. Year Two.

Ornaments Over Time

13 years ago Kate and I started a tradition giving each other ornaments for Christmas.  This was a big deal because over 22 years ago today my dad passed away from stomach cancer and the feeling of loss became the dominating story for me around this season. Since we have been together Kate has worked hard to change that story … Continue reading Ornaments Over Time

Kid Friendly Food Tours and What I Learned about Life from Disney

With another daughter on the way in a few weeks, I decided to hit the road with G-Money to spend some quality time together before my heart starts making room for one more. Now that my brother is home from Korea and working in Los Angeles, a land with warm beaches, hot weather, and delicious … Continue reading Kid Friendly Food Tours and What I Learned about Life from Disney