Kinked Plumbing, Jose Conseco and Turning 3-0

It has been a little while since my last update, but I'm now 14 weeks out of surgery. I have been busy wrapping up the school year with my students which has been fun, but unfortunately I have not been feeling well in the middle of it all. Weeks 12 and 13 were very rough with particularly … Continue reading Kinked Plumbing, Jose Conseco and Turning 3-0


Long Week. Ends.

It's been 11 weeks since I've been out of surgery, and this week has been tough. I had a lot of stomach cramps that would last anywhere from 40 minutes to 90 minutes and the return of the dreaded "cat and hair ball" syndrome during certain meals. After making some gains in the weight department … Continue reading Long Week. Ends.

The Truffle Shuffle and Things Skinny People Don’t Tell You

It has been 10 weeks since my surgery and two weeks since my last blog post. Week 9 was a terrible week as far as recovery goes. I felt sick for most of the week and had terrible episodes of "dumping syndrome" which contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with my bowel movements. … Continue reading The Truffle Shuffle and Things Skinny People Don’t Tell You

Cooking? #YOLO Homie.

It was 8 weeks yesterday that I said, "farewell" to my stomach and to celebrate, I tried to eat a piece of steak again. After cutting the beef down to tiny, delicious teriyaki marinated morsels of skirt steak and a good amount of chewing, the meat went down and stayed down. Sweet glory! The steak put up … Continue reading Cooking? #YOLO Homie.

I Still Have a Torso

One of our amazing middle school students this past Wednesday gave me a hug, but thought removing my stomach would leave me without a torso. This is hilarious, but I definitely see the confusion. We often refer to and think of our torso's as our stomachs rather than the organ itself. The two most common comments as I've … Continue reading I Still Have a Torso

Stats can be Brutal, Orange Sauce Heals

It's week 5 of my recovery and this week we found out that my little brother Austin also came up positive for the CDH1 gene mutation. In a couple weeks we start the process of meeting with doctors and surgeons at Stanford. I think going through this process first helps, but it is strange on … Continue reading Stats can be Brutal, Orange Sauce Heals

Three Pearls

Going into surgery a month ago literally feels like another lifetime. As we prepare to resume our lives tomorrow, Kate and I did some reflection on some of the things that immediately stood out to us throughout our journey. While we could point back to many different moments, people, and circumstances that carried us through … Continue reading Three Pearls

The Best of the Farewell Stomach Tour

I'm in a good mood today because I found out yesterday that my little brother Ray, tested negative for CDH1 which puts him in the clear! Now, we're just waiting on the results for my other little brother, Austin. I think his results should be in soon. With that said... Kate called the rest of … Continue reading The Best of the Farewell Stomach Tour